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I Help Families Take Charge of Their Child’s Education with Homeschooling , And I Can Help You as Well…

” As a homeschool educational manager/consultant, I’ve worked alongside parents and their high school children to ensure the best individualized program is developed and tailored to their child’s specialized needs highlighting their gifts, talents, and passions. The curriculum focuses on core subjects and life skills creatively and interactively while implementing hands-on Maverick homeschooling methods.”

Parents- Brenda and Richard Peterson, San Diego, CA.

“Alyssa is homeschooling for her high school years. She has special needs, and the school system was not supporting her academically or emotionally. Homeschooling allowed her to find her passion for working with children. She chose to do a dual enrollment college program for her TA certification and volunteer in the classroom for the experience; she will now be ready to enter the workforce right out of high school, which was her goal. Alyssa is looking forward to receiving her high school diploma and Teacher’s Assistant Certification in 2022.”

Alyssa Peterson, 18 years old – Graduating Class of 2022

Parent Reviews

My daughter was blessed for having Mary Resenbeck as her teacher. Mary truly loves her work and acknowledges all different learning styles. Thanks to Miss Mary, my daughter can distinguish when an adult really loves their work. I feel that Mary has become an extended part of our family because she has always respected me as well as my child. A major thing I learned from Mary was to be patient with my child and to honor her learning style. I also know that if we ever needed her help, she would be with us every step of the way. I will always be grateful to this wonderful, amazing teacher.

Angelica A., Parent

Mary Resenbeck, you are by far one of the best educators my children have ever had. You take your time to understand each individual child. You help them grow as little people and encourage them to be themselves. Since being in your class, my children have excelled as entertainers and academic students. You have taught them that it is okay to be who they are and embrace that. You are that rare teacher that will leave your footprint on their hearts for the rest of their lives. They will never forget Mrs. Resenbeck and the impact you have made

Taryn G., Parent

Mary Resenbeck, you were absolutely one of son’s favorite teachers!!! We just adored you and we’re so grateful for your kindness and understanding, especially with the children who had special needs. You have a gift. Whoever hires you is going to be super fortunate.

Robin E., Parent

I believe that my daughter would not have had the confidence to try new things or audition for America’s Got Talent without having Mary Resenbeck as her teacher. Mary uses theater as a learning tool, and it makes her style of teaching amazing. Thank you so much for coming into our lives.

Karen L., Parent

My daughter and I were BOTH blessed to have Mary Resenbeck as ‘our’ teacher. Mary, my daughter, blossomed under your instruction the year she had you. I am eternally grateful for all the times you helped me see her through the tumult of growing up and learning to express herself healthily! Thank you! You are a gift!

Lori G., Parent

Mary, you are indeed a gifted educator. You have a way of connecting with different children, inspiring them, motivating them, and through your humor, passion, kindness, and professionalism, bringing out the best in them, helping them achieve their personal best, and showing them that learning is enjoyable. My son just loved you! We are all so grateful to have had you in our lives.

Tracy S., Parent

I Share Your SAME VISION, And I UNDERSTAND Your Homeschooling JOURNEY

If you’re reading this right now, that means you are looking for an individualized homeschooling MAVERICK METHOD for your unique child. I GUIDE you through different Homeschooling Approaches available!

  • With my 22 years of combined experience as a classroom Montessori performing arts educator, a veteran homeschooling mother, and an IEP advocate, you will learn how to relieve your stress and follow a roadmap through my courses to homeschool your child successfully.
  • The Maverick approach to homeschooling allows what ignites your child’s learning to thrive; your child will use stress-free family-centered techniques, providing a solid foundation highlighting your child’s talents, gifts, and passions, so they succeed as adults.
  • I coach families whose children are talented in fine art, dance, music, and theater, many with learning differences, bringing unwanted challenges inside a traditional classroom. I guide parents to find the right approach to have their children leap into a world of individualized learning that allows them to soar creatively and academically.
  • You can use these techniques without becoming a full-time educator. As an educational manager & consultant, student, and family mentor. I can create the perfect schedule and find teachers and tutors, special needs educators, Co-Ops, homeschooling communities, enrichment centers, and homeschool charters to provide an individualized academic experience for your child.
  • I guide parents through my modules on developing a learning environment to facilitate their child’s growth and show how homeschooling benefits the whole family, including gifted students and children with Individualized Education Plans (IEP). I work with families interested in homeschooling and turning their IEPs into SEPs (Specialized Education Plans) to homeschool their kids and ensure they have what they need to meet the unique academic situations of their children.

We share the same vision… Educational FREEDOM! It is time to Take Charge of Your Child’s Education!

You’re here because you want more for your child’s academic experience. You want them to fulfill their potential, you want them to experience all that life has to offer, and you want your children to have the educational freedom that will allow them to do that.

That means you’re ready to, Take Charge of Your Child’ s Education- using The Resenbeck Maverick Homeschool Methods! 

The fastest way to begin is to learn from someone who has successfully already completed this journey… and has helped many families achieve their goals of educational freedom for their child and their family.

My courses highlight my successes with the four types of learners:

  1. Traditional Learners- Students that fit inside the standard educational box but benefit from Maverick methods of teaching
  2. Gifted Learners- Students with high IQs and are academically advanced.
  3. Learners with Invisible Learning Differences- Students with ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Asperger Spectrum, and other neurological distinctions.
  4. Twice-Exceptional (2e) Learners- Students with gifted intelligence but have various learning disabilities.

Each of my courses in my 8-part series answers questions every parent needs to know to homeschool stress-free and successfully.

  1. Meaningful- An academic approach highlighting the value
  2. Advantageous- An educational method benefiting the whole child
  3. Versatile- Curriculum adaptable & tailored to your child’s needs
  4. Experiential- Learning based on observation and experience
  5. Resourceful- Educational techniques focusing on problem-solving
  6. Interactive- Collaborating with other homeschooling families
  7. Creative- Develop a unique education based on imagination
  8. Kinesthetic- Tactile learning using physical activities

Take Charge of Your Child's Education

FREEDOM TO HOMESCHOOL YOUR Child Is More Important Than Ever In Today’s Current Educational System…

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