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A Parent’s Guide to Helping a Child with Learning Disabilities


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This book has everything you need as a homeschooling parent! Inside, you’ll discover a proven approach that will engage and lift your children’s learning experience to new heights using The Resenbeck Maverick Learning Method. You’ll also learn how to create a learning environment where kids of all ages and abilities work together, engage with one another, and follow an individualized academic plan that matches and grows with them at their own pace as they master different subjects.

This book is for you if you are:

  • A frustrated parent because you have a child not being served in traditional education.
  • A parent who knows their child is genius in some areas yet has serious struggles in others, and the teachers don’t know what to do to help, and you are currently or are considering homeschooling.

A parent with a child challenged by an Invisible Learning Difference is navigating the IEP process and looking for an alternative to the public schools.


About the Author

Mary Resenbeck is an unlikely educator. She started her teaching career in 2000 after watching her dyslexic son struggle in a traditional school environment. Determined to help her son, and later her daughter, she became a teacher at the same school as her children. During her time in the classroom, Mary discovered a unique approach to engaging kids across the spectrum, from those with “Invisible Learning Differences” to traditional learners, gifted students, and twice-exceptional kids (2e), like her children. She developed The Resenbeck Maverick Learning Method™ and has been consulting with homeschool families to help them implement the techniques and make homeschooling fun and stress-free.