My platform is designed to encourage all families, especially parents with special needs and gifted children, not to feel trapped by a system that is not servicing their child’s unique academic needs. I spark ideas and inspire families to step outside the box of traditional education so they will confidently step into the future of academic choice. Audiences gain information from my speeches about the availability of various educational methods and independent special needs resources.

I bust the myths of homeschooling while highlighting children with special needs, removing the fear and confusion from families concerning their child’s IEP’s (Individual Education Plan) through the district. I inform homeschooling audiences that turning an IEP into a homeschooling SEP (Special Education Plan) can liberate the child and unleash a world of learning they have never experienced before.

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My goal is to have every family understand they can take charge of their child’s education. My book guides parents to take an individualized maverick approach to homeschool their children to success while nurturing the family unit, making education a meaningful way to master core subjects and learn life skills in a stress-free, manageable way.